Welcome to Grindstone Bakery!

We're Danielle and Trinity, a dedicated mother-daughter duo with a shared passion for gluten-free and vegan baking. We're excited to take the reins of this beloved bakery, a community favorite for nearly two decades. Grindstone Bakery has always stood for using ingredients with care and integrity so they nourish your body in return.

Carrying On A Legacy: Thank You, Mario and Darlene

As the original owners and bakers, Mario Repetto and Darlene Falzarano move on to a well-deserved retirement and they leave behind a wealth of wisdom, treasured recipes, and artisan techniques. We couldn’t be more honored to continue this legacy. With a deep respect for the bakery's philosophy, we recognize that bread is not just a dietary staple; it's often a lifeline for those with specific nutritional needs.

Our Commitment to Quality: The Breads You Love, Unchanged

Rest assured, the flavors you have come to love aren't going anywhere. From our 100% Quinoa Sourdough to our Quinoa Millet Sprouted Seeds Sourdough, we're keeping all of your favorites on the menu. We're also eager to introduce new varieties, giving you even more healthy and delicious options to enjoy.

Why Choose Grindstone: More Than Just a Bakery

To us, Grindstone Bakery isn't just a place where bread is made; it's a philosophy, a way of life. It embodies our commitment to your health and well-being. We are dedicated to bringing only the very best to your table, serving you and your family with breads that are as nutritious as they are delicious.