Frequently asked questions

In the coming months, Grindstone products will be back on the shelves of many natural food grocers throughout California and the Western US. Check our website and social media for updates. We will also send updates to our mailing list as we add new stores. Not on our mailing list? Sign-up here

Yes! You can order directly from our website.

No! Based on feedback from customers, we have provided more ordering options. There is no longer a minimum order requirement.

Yes! Please see our Return Policy for details.

We ship anywhere in the US. Currently we are unable to ship internationally.

Grindstone breads eat best when toasted. Everyone is different in terms of the level of “toastedness” they prefer, so experiment a little bit to find what’s right for you. Generally, we prefer a medium thick slice (thin enough to bite easily into, thick enough not to fall apart in the toaster), medium toasted. After that, let this bread be your canvas! It pairs well with avocado, cream cheese, goat cheese spread, butter (or vegan butter alternative), nut butters, jams… the possibilities are endless.

To maintain freshness, preserve nutrients, and reduce food waste, currently the bread is shipped fresh frozen. That means following baking, cooling, and packaging, the bread is immediately frozen, then removed from the freezer and placed in a sturdy shipping box on the day it ships. During transit the bread will thaw, and resulting condensation inside the shipping box is normal.

For the future, we are working on solutions for achieving the above benefits without freezing. Stay tuned!

Typically orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Shipments go out daily Monday-Friday.

Your credit card will be charged when the order is placed. You may cancel your order and receive a full refund any time prior to issuance of a shipment tracking number, for which you will receive an alert. To cancel your order, please email your request to support@grindstonebakery.com.

Because our breads are made with just a handful of simple ingredients—stone-ground grain, salt, water, sometimes some seeds, nuts, herbs or spices, and/or fruit and contain no processing agents—the breads have a short shelf life. So, if you are going to eat the whole loaf within a couple of weeks, storing it in the fridge in its resealable bag is best. If you think it might take a little longer to consume, we recommend slicing it to your desired serving size and storing in its resealable bag in the freezer so that it will stay fresh longer.

Yes! We have stayed true to the heart, soul, intentions, and recipes from the founders of Grindstone Bakery. We are using the same facility and equipment as before. All our breads are gluten-free, certified organic, nutritious, and delicious!

In response to customer feedback, we implemented new, durable, reclosable packaging for better performance and user experience. The upgrade will reduce food waste via longer shelf life and refrigerator/freezer-safe capabilities. Additionally, once you have devoured your last morsel of bread, the bag can be washed and repurposed multiple times before disposal.

Yes! Although the former Grindstone Bakery baked some non-gluten-free products, we have committed to 100% gluten-free products at this facility going forward. This allows us to maintain a truly dedicated gluten-free baking facility with no concern about cross-contamination, and it allows us the opportunity to apply for gluten-free certification.

We are returning to market with our historical best-sellers and one new GF recipe: Banana Walnut Sourdough. Other former GF products and some new surprises will arrive soon!

We are hopeful that in the future we can bring back the Rye and other wheat-free recipes! Unfortunately, because these recipes contain gluten, we cannot produce them at our current, dedicated, gluten-free facility. If we continue to receive requests for the wheat-free product line, then we are open to bringing those breads back. In that case, we’ll need to make them at a different facility. Stay tuned…

Yes! All our products are Certified Organic by CCOF. You can view our Organic certificate here.

No, in order to use the word “organic” anywhere on a product label, including in the ingredients list, the company and product must be certified by a USDA-approved certifier. (Note: there is an exception for small operations that produce less than $5,000 per year in organic income.) Please see CCOF’s Organic Labeling Guidelines for more information.

Good question! While we do not use gluten in any of our products and we have eliminated most of the top allergens, some of our products do contain known allergens: sesame, walnut and coconut. We prepare and bake allergen-containing products on separate days from the non-allergen-containing products. All our dishes, mixers, and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between production runs. We use dedicated pans for products containing allergens as well. For example, our Banana Walnut Sourdough and Sprouted Seeds Sourdough have their own designated baking pans. Also, our allergen-containing raw materials are stored separately from our non-allergen raw materials. We are very careful to prevent cross-contact. However, the ovens, airspace, etc. are shared, and we cannot guarantee zero possibility of cross-contact. All products are labelled accordingly on their packaging.

We are Danielle and Trinity, a mother-daughter team. We will be running the day-to-day operations of Grindstone Bakery. Our journey to a gluten-free lifestyle began over a decade ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Although the diagnosis came with some relief—finally, I knew what was causing me to feel so poorly—it also came with the challenges of learning to eat in a new way that would promote my health and well-being and satisfy my need for delicious and enjoyable food! During this time, Trinity became a passionate gluten-free and vegan baker. Together, with an amazing team, we are excited to bring back the original and authentic Grindstone breads you know and love.